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Who is Fatma Keklik?

I’m Fatma Keklik, hair simulation and beautician.
I have been in the industry for 15 years, and for the last 5 years, I have only been doing hair simulation in my own clinic.

As I saw the unsuccessful results of hair thinning procedures in the industry, I started to take steps to become an expert in hair simulation.

After receiving various trainings from institutions affiliated to the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of the Ministry of National Education, I got my certificates and started to work.

Hair simulation is an application that is not widely known by our people. It is very important for people who have hair problems to meet with the right dyes and the right technique. Unfortunately, as in every sector, I see that poor quality works are done in order to make a profit in the hair simulation sector, thanks to the complaints I receive from my clients. Due to my respect for my profession and my work ethic, I am trying to offer you the best results at the most reasonable prices by combining my experience with the quality and industry-leading paint brands that I have used.

The positive feedback I receive from the transactions I have made allows me to do better in my profession. The respect I have for my job and the fact that I stand behind every service I provide are the most important features that make me different from other colleagues.

If you are having problems with hair thinning, you can contact me directly.

I am with you with the difference of Fatma Keklik to gain your self-confidence.

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