İstanbul Saç Simülasyonu


Hair simulation is not a surgical operation. Since it is applied with a micro needle 1mm below the scalp with natural dyes, it does not have any side effects. Since the scalp is stimulated in a certain speed period during the application, the blood flow accelerates and as a result, it provides a positive effect by activating the hair follicles. The dyes we use are dermatologically tested and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Hair simulation has no harm or side effects. Anyone who does not have scalp diseases can have it done.

The duration of use of the Hair Simulation process varies according to the skin structure. It lasts for 3 years on oily skin and 5 years on dry skin.

Hair Simulation is a painless, painless and comfortable procedure that does not affect daily life compared to hair transplantation. With this non-surgical method, you can continue your daily life from where you left off. After hair transplantation, permanent and regional gaps are formed in the donor area. Despite the risk of not getting enough efficiency from hair transplantation, these problems do not occur in Hair Simulation. In addition, Hair Simulation is a more economical application than hair transplantation.

The dyes we use are halal certified and completely organic. Since it is applied with a micro needle 1 mm below the scalp, the dye remains on the surface. Since the dye does not reach the lower layer of the scalp, it does not affect abdest’ in Islam.

  • Hair types that did not achieve the desired efficiency and sufficient density in hair transplantation
  • Ringworm, Alopecia, scars and suture marks
  • Donor scars formed in hair transplantation
  • Hair falling out for various reasons, thinning hair
  • Cessation of the use of prosthetic hair
  • General hair loss
  • It is applied in cases where hair powders used to fill the hair are not preferred.
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